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EXP Calculator

This calculator will tell you how much EXP there is between a rank (most likely your current one) and your desired achieved rank. It will also tell you how many EX/Hard/Normal/Easy plays that amount of EXP can be reached in, as well as how many days it would take to reach your goal rank, given an absolute 0 LP waste per day.

Simply input the starting rank (most likely your current) and your desired rank in the fields and press the 'Calculate' button to get all the data. If calculating from your own current rank, add your current LP to get a more precise calculation.

Please note that this calculator does not include the plays you get from rank ups or eventual token event songs played.
Also written for ranks 34 and higher - and please remember that numbers are rounded and thus approximations.

calculator coded by /u/Le__Toucan

Starting rank
Goal rank
Current EXP

Total required EXP
# of plays LP Cost Days taken

Here's another calculator that's a bit like the reverse of the above one: it'll tell you which rank you'll most likely hit if you play without LP waste for a certain number of days.

Simply input your current rank and your current EXP and the amount of days you'd be playing to get the data.

Please remember that this calculator is written for ranks 34 and above, also that numbers are rounded and thus approximations.

Current rank
Current EXP
Days played

If plays on EX Hard Normal Easy
EXP gained over given days
End rank