EXP Calculator

This calculator will tell you how much EXP there is between a rank (most likely your current one) and your desired achieved rank. It uses that number to derive the number of Expert/Hard/Normal/Easy plays required, an approximate number of loveca you would need to spend absent LP regen, as well as how many days of natural LP regen (assuming no LP waste) it would take to reach your goal rank.

Simply input the starting rank (most likely your current) and your desired rank in the fields and press the ‘Calculate’ button to get all the data. If calculating from your own current rank, add your current EXP to get a more precise calculation. You may also use the song multiplier and EXP multiplier settings to adjust the results to be accurate to your preferred play settings/any current event promotions.

Finally, the song selector, along with the speed selector, will return an approximate total required active play time (hh:mm:ss) by multiplying the number of required plays by the song length. If you're grinding a specific song, pick it from the drop-down; if not, leave it on ‘(ANY)’ to use the average song length based on all current songs in the game (just under 2 minutes). The three speed options—slow, medium, and fast—will add 20, 25, or 30s (respectively) to the selected song's length (per-play) to account for between-song screens such as song/team/friend selection, results, reward boxes, rank up prompts, etc.. This does not take into account longer delays, such as card/present box management.

Please note that, when calculating the number of days to reach your goal rank, this calculator does not take into account the plays you get from any token event songs played, but does include plays made possible by rank-up LP gauge refill(s).

This calculator is approximately accurate for all rank ranges, with maximum errors between -10 and +8 from ranks 1 - 500 (further rank deviations from accuracy uncertain due to limited data).

initial calculator coded by /u/Le__Toucan, revised by /u/killmoms

Starting rank
LP Discount
Goal rank
EXP Multiplier
Current EXP
Song Multiplier
Song Loading…

Total required EXP
# of plays Play time LP Cost Loveca Spend Days taken

Here's another calculator that's a bit like the reverse of the above one: it'll tell you which rank you'll most likely hit if you play without LP waste for a certain number of days. If you will rank up within the allotted time, the calculator takes into account the extra plays you'll get from the LP gauge refill(s).

Simply input your current rank and your current EXP and the amount of days you'd be playing to get the data.

NOTE: While this calculator models required EXP to rank up as accurately as the one above, it is very difficult to play with no LP waste at low ranks as the small LP gauge leaves little time for sleep. Thus at ranks below 110, this calculator's results represent a best-case rather than real-world scenario.

Current rank
LP Discount
Current EXP
EXP Multiplier
Days played

If plays on EX Hard Normal Easy
EXP gained over given days
End rank