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PLEASE NOTE: the data shown in the app is NOT updated automatically! while it will display updated data automatically, the data ITSELF still requires manual updates from me. which means the app only gets updated when I update the site, which might be sooner or later. as such, I will be using Push Notifications to notify you when the data updates are done, so you won't have to open the app every 2 minutes to check if the data has been updated. those are turned on by default the moment you open the app the first time, but you're free to turn them off in the Settings menu (cog on main menu).


17/09/2018 ☆ 2.2.1
- Changed icons to Autumn set
- Added quick card lookup on all tabs: click on a card icon to access its database page (not available in event lookup)
- Bugfix: Set viewer no longer displays some cards twice, or sets that aren't real sets

13/08/2018 ☆ 2.2.0
(not sure if that should have been 3.0.0 but whatever)
- Changed icons to Summer set
- Added "Past events" and "Main box listing" tabs
- Added page headers in case you forgot what you clicked on
- Looking up cards with R skills now shows the skill name (Card database)
- Hubs now display 2 icons per line
- Bugfix: fixed several strings being in Japanese in Card database
- Bugfix: looking up preidolized cards no longer offers downloads of both unidolized and idolized card images
- Bugfix: fixed character encoding on several tabs
- Bugfix: Card database no longer shows some icons twice

03/06/2018 ☆ 2.1.1
- Added display support for event SSRs (Current events)
- Added skill details per level on card lookup (Card database)
- Bugfix: fixed Emma's name showing up as "Verde" on event lookup

14/04/2018 ☆ 2.0.0
- Changed icons to Spring set
- Added "Set viewer", "Cards by girl", "EN predictions" and "School idol skills" tabs
- Added strings for COMBO FEVER skill (Card database)
- Added download links to card images in the Card database
- Changed Events tab icon to read "current events"

05/03/2018 ☆ 1.1.2
- Added strings for Skill Level Up skill (Card database)
- Added Word Find to Fun Zone

10/01/2018 ☆ 1.1.1
- Bugfix: fixed visuals of Challenge Festival songlisting

08/01/2018 ☆ 1.1.0
- Added "Fun Zone" tab with 2048
- Added filters to the Song database

29/12/2017 ☆ 1.0.1
- Bugfix: fixed strings in Card database about Skill Activation Up skill

24/12/2017 ☆ 1.0.0
Initial release