Limited BOXes

Limited BOXes are special scouting boxes happening during events, functioning differently than normal scouting boxes.
For defining, they will be called here "BOXes", in all caps (as that is how they are stylized on JP), as opposed to "limited scouting boxes", in lowercase, which are just regular event boxes.

The principe of a BOX is similar to a TCG booster box, where there is only a certain amount of cards and of certain rarities in the box, and that number goes down as you scout; thus, the rates for each rarity vary as you scout.

In SIF, the BOXes contain 200 cards: 2 URs, 8 SSRs, 30 SRs and 160 Rs, so the untouched rates are the normal rates: 1% UR, 4% SSR, 15% SR and 80% R.
As you scout cards, the rates will change to reflect the remaining cards in the box.
It is important to note that due to this mechanic, Limited BOXes are not SR guaranteed on 10+1s.

Each card is generated as you scout them, meaning dupes are possible.

The main point of Limited BOXes are, of course, the Limited URs. Each BOX comes in two variations:
- Variation A, has 2 Limited URs.
- Variation B, has 1 Limited UR, and 1 normal UR.

For variation B, the normal URs will either be one UR of your choosing (early Aqours Limited BOXes), or a random UR of the girl of your choosing (µ's and later Aqours Limited BOXes).
The URs or members you can choose are only of the specific year group the BOX features (for example, only Aqours 1st years URs during an Aqours 1st years BOX);
however, the featured year group only applies to the URs, and all other rarities will be cards of any girl of the featured group (no µ's cards in an Aqours BOX).

Available card pool for all rarities is also restricted by date, please check details before scouting.

For variation A, it is possible to reset the BOX after scouting at least one of the two URs by clicking on the "reset" button, or automatically after scouting all 200 cards.
Resetting the BOX means filling it to 200 cards again, so you can scout at base rates again.
Variation B is not always resettable (some µ's variation B BOXes have been resettable up to twice, while recent Aqours BOXes were not at all), please check details before scouting to make sure.

You can use 11-scout tickets, 3-scout tickets, scouting tickets, 5 gems and 50 gems on Limited BOXes.
Limited BOXes do not contain event cards. Limited URs are not added to BT scouting, nor available in other scoutings than Limited BOX.